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The Tasty Supplement Drink that Aids in Weight Management : 4 Powerful Dietary Fibre in Frusso

Fibersol-2 (Resistant Maltodextrin)

Fibersol®-2 is a water soluble corn fiber, also known as digestive resistant maltodextrin as it contains 90% soluble dietary fibre and acts as a low-calorie bulking supplement which clinical studies show that it aids in improving & supporting good intestinal health, and decreasing hunger by increasing the satiety hormones, thus curbing appetite and reducing the urge to binge eat. 

Psyllium (Husk)

Psyllium (Plantago Ova) seeds from a shrub-like plant that is mainly found in India. Psyllium has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Holistic therapies to treat a wide range of health conditions such as healthy waste elimination, lowering bad triglyceride levels, lowering blood sugar levels , weight management etc. Psyllium is available in many dietary forms, such as the husk (most commonly available and used in the food and health industry), powder, granules and capsules. Psyllium being a soluble dietary fibre, dissolves readily in water thus forming a gel-like form that bulks up stools, softens stools, brushes out toxins and wastes from the body. Clinical studies showed that Psyllium (as a prebiotic, aka food for good gut bacteria) benefits the gut microflora by increasing 3 vital good gut bacteria which produces butyrate (short chain fatty acid) that is anti-inflammatory & maintains a healthy colon. 

Palm Fiber
Palm Fiber, also known as Heart of Palm, is a type of vegetable harvested from a specific palm tree’s core ,and being a recently discovered functional food & dietary insoluble fibre with ongoing clinical research studies focusing on full usage of the entire palm tree (zero waste). Ongoing clinical studies are showing its many health benefits, such as its adhesive function abilities that binds accumulated bad triglycerides, bile fats, excess fats, carbohydrates & toxins and excretes it out from the body. Palm fiber was also found to contain high antioxidant levels (high ORAC reading) which ongoing clinical studies had found it regulates glucose metabolism and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients. It is also rich in Manganese, a crucial mineral in bone health, thus supporting good bone health & preventing bone diseases. 

Inulin is a prebiotic soluble dietary fibre found in many plants, majorly found in  chicory root, jerusalem artichoke, yams, banana, onion, garlic, barley etc. Inulin is actually a fructan (oligofructose carbohydrate), mainly found in the plant’s roots & stems as an energy storage & regulates the plant’s internal temperatures. As Inulin contains ¼ calories compared to white sugar, therefore it is used as a natural alternative sweetener for diabetics, as it does not cause blood sugar spikes (most often, Inulin is listed as Oligosaccharide on healthy food ingredient labels). As a prebiotic fibre, Inulin does not get digested or absorbed by the digestive system, but instead ferments naturally and feeds the gut microflora, thus encouraging growth of good gut bacteria. Inulin has been clinically shown to have a range of health benefits such as curbing appetite due to it forming a gel-like which expands and increases satiety while regulating blood sugar levels ( does not cause blood sugar spikes), and as it passes through the digestive system unabsorbed or digested, it binds to bad triglycerides, fat, toxins, wastes and excretes out from the body, thus reducing heart disease & regulates metabolism.


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